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Daniel owns and runs The Expedition Centre which provides 4WD and overland touring enthusiasts with a series of products designed to enable comfortable and safe travel off the beaten track. Backed with 15 years experience in expedition vehicles, Daniel provides fully customised conversions for Landrovers and Landcruisers.

Having extensive travel experience himself, including a 3 year overland trip from Switzerland to Australia, Daniel backs his practical advice and engineering with sound knowledge of the stresses off-road travel puts on a vehicle.

Daniel is well known in the community, being an active participant in Land Rover forums, and the webmaster for the Land Rover Owners' Club (Sydney).

Daniel and his wife Virginie have extensive travel experience. The desire to explore brought them not only through Australia but also led to Europe, Africa, the Middle East and South East Asia in their 130 Landy.


In 2011 Bruce was looking to extend his families camping experiences. Having used tents and rooftops extensively for some years he was on the hunt for a better experience.

"It's a simple story really, The family was growing, I had bikes and bedding on the roof, the fridge and food in the cabin plus everything else to make a two day break or a two week trip enjoyable. It became bloody hard work setting and dismantling camp every time we wanted to move on. So I began wading through camper trailer websites, magazines, I went to a few shows and visited factories. After several months I'd only found a handful of manufactures out of the hundreds across Australia and overseas that were anywhere close to my needs and all were out of my budget. A South African web forum led me to some really interesting manufactures and It was there that I stumbled across Mission Trailers. I took a punt and the rest as they say is history.”

Mission Trailers: Now Adapted for Australia

As one of the lightest weight 4x4 trailers available, the Mission Trailer can be towed by virtually any car, has excellent fuel efficiency and conforms to legal weight restrictions even when fully loaded.

The Mission off road trailer can go just about anywhere that your 4x4 can – it doesn’t rust, warp or buckle. Adapted for the Australian bush using the AL-KO off road hitch and electric brakes.

In the beginning: Mission Trailers
South Africa

Mario and Anton are the force behind Mission Trailers and the 4x4co Cape Town, South Africa. Both are seasoned campers and drivers. Offering, through their factory and showroom an array of 4x4 equipment, fit out and driver training.

Mission Trailers have been producing lightweight, robust and gutsy trailers since 2004. The design team has gone to great lengths to design a trailer that overcomes rough terrain whilst offering all the comfort and facilities you want from a 4x4 off-road camping trailer. Built for the South African landscape, The Mission Trailer is simply handmade for discovery, everything you need and nothing you don't is at the core of the design and build philosophy. Ability, comfort, fuel efficiency.



Mission Trailers Australia warrants its products to be free from defects in materials and / or workmanship under normal use and service to the original
purchaser subject to the following :

  1. At any time within ONE YEAR from the date of purchase by the original purchaser, Mission Trailers Australia will at its discretion replace or repair without cost to the owner any part found to be defective by Mission Trailers Australia, Mortdale NSW.
  2. This warranty does not apply to tyres, light bulbs, tubes, fuses or items where the length of life depends on the amount of use and care given.
  3. Third-party parts (fridge, electrics, etc) have manufacturers guarantee.
  4. Removal of the serial number on any product will render this warranty void.
  5. Mission Trailers Australia shall not be responsible for any damages of any kind resulting from incorrect voltages or faults with regards to power supply which falls outside of the appliance operating parameters.
  6. Mission Trailers Australia shall not be responsible for damage to the appliance caused by negligent use, storage of hazardous chemicals, use of corrosive substances, fire, flood, civil-disturbances, lightning or any other natural phenomenon.
  7. It is a condition of this warranty that Mission Trailers Australia shall not be responsible for transportation or any costs incurred in transporting any Mission Trailers Australia product. (Including costs incurred by damage,
    incorrect packaging or theft).
  8. Mission Trailers Australia will not accept any responsibility for the loss or damage caused by, or due to, the malfunctioning of its products.
  9. Mission Trailers Australia shall not be held responsible for any injuries to persons caused by the incorrect or negligent usage of its products.
  10. Mission Trailers Australia will not be responsible for product failure or damage resulting from incorrect installation or damage incurred from the malfunctioning
    of other accessories.
  11. Mission Trailers Australia reserves the right to charge for re-installation
    or corrections to installations performed by other parties.
  12. Mission Trailers Australia reserves the right to refuse repair or
    replacement under warranty if it is decided that the use or installation of
    the product(s) do not comply with this warranty.



ABN: 73 800 192 996

69 Anderson Road, Mortdale,
New South Wales, Australia 2223

M: 0438 183 507


Your MISSION off road family camper trailer has what it takes.

Combining the advantages of a roof-top folding tent with the storage space of an 4x4 camper trailer, the light-weight but heavy-duty Mission 4wd camper trailer is the perfect vehicle for touring Australian families, couples and friends eager for an off the beaten track, outback, action 4x4 adventure. Where will your Mission take you?

The MISSION off road family camper trailer comes with a high density foam double bed above the main body and a removable front annex for the kids or friend, plus a huge 6m covered verandah. It's very simple to set up and adaptable to your style of camping, whether a weekend away or an extended adventure. The heavy duty construction and 320g ripstop canvas ensures any 4x4 trip you embark on will be remembered for years to come.

The ultimate 4x4 off road adventure trailer set up.

Mission off road family camper trailers are delivered complete with dual gas burners, the 47 Ltr Primus fridge / freezer, 90Ah deep cycle battery and battery monitor, a 85Ltr water tank, two jerry cans and 80W solar panel – even crockery and cutlery are included plus more! This rugged off roader comes with everything you need and nothing you don't.

Heavy-duty, light-weight: Fully galvanised steel frame, heavy-duty electric brake beam axle and fibreglass body. The solid fibreglass body sits on the oversized galvanised steel frame – the result: A low weight of less than 750kg – all-inclusive, leading to better fuel efficiency ( ball weight approx 75-90kgs) . Top quality off road shock absorbers, 15 inch steel wheels and  Mud Terrain tyres ensure smooth camper trailer towing, while the AL?KO off road coupling and electric brake complete the heavy-duty set-up. Made and sold in the demanding environment of South Africa. The Mission off road family camper trailer has what it takes to conquer the Australian bush!

  • What is the process to place an order?

    We require a 50% deposit on order. The balance is payable 7 days before delivery at our Mortdale showroom

  • What is the lead time to delivery?

    Please allow up to 13 weeks to delivery. Usually it is less than this, however it does take time to built, ship and deliver.

  • Where is the Mission off road family camper trailer made?

    The trailer and tent are hand built in South Africa.

  • Where can I see the Trailer?

    The Mission showroom is open Monday to Friday 9.00am - 5.00pm and Saturday 9.00am -12.00pm, 69 Anderson Road, Mortdale, New South Wales, Australia 2223 ( please phone for a tour) 043 813 507.

  • Is the Mission off road family camper trailer lightweight?

    Yes, the Mission Trailers tare weight is only 400 kg with a GVM of 750kg. We recommend packing the Mission Trailer with heavier contents low in the hold and over the axle, with lighter equipment higher up.

  • Does the Mission off road family camper trailer come with electric brakes?

    Electric brakes are standard on Mission Trailers. We believe any true off road trailer needs electric brakes.

  • Does the Mission off road family camper trailer come with a warranty?

    Yes, The Mission comes with a 1 year warranty on the trailer and 3 months on the tent.

  • Do I need to do anything to the canvas before I use my camper for the first time?

    Yes, before using your camper-trailer for the first time it's very important that you 'season' the canvas. Thoroughly drench the canvas several times with a garden hose concentrating on the seams and allow the canvas to dry fully in between. Be prepared for some water seeping through the seams the first few times your camper gets rained on - this does not mean that your camper is faulty, it's just that it's not yet fully seasoned.

  • Do I need to register my Mission off road family camper trailer?

    Vehicle registration in your State or Territory is your responsibility.

  • Does the Mission off road family camper trailer come with everything I need?

    The Mission Trailer comes STANDARD with a lot more inclusions than other camper trailers. including fridge/freezer, solar panel, jerry cans, stove top, gas bottles and much more. (please see tech specs)

  • Does it come with a spare wheel/tyre?

    Yes the Mission comes STANDARD with a spare.

  • How long does it take to set up camp?

    The Mission off road family camper trailer is quick to set-up. You can do it in less than five minutes complete.

  • Can you match the trailer wheels to my vehicle?

    Yes, as an optional extra we can put any wheels you like on your trailer, or we can change the stud pattern to match your vehicle.